Summertime Madness

The Summertime can be a very slow moving and boring time for NBA fans. And I’m not going to come out and say that the Bucks’ off-season has been an exciting one, but I do believe that it has been a bit more exciting than most other NBA teams. Between a new arena, a new G-league team, Bronson Koenig, and DJ Wilson, I believe that this summer has been a bit more exciting than expected.

The Bucks’ new arena will be ready to go for the new season and to be honest, it looks damn good so far. Everyone saw the drafts of what it is going to look like, but it is fun to watch it come to life in downtown Milwaukee. This new stadium alone should get fans even more excited for what the Bucks have coming for the new season.

Bucks new 2Here is the progress they have made thus far.

Bucks new

And here is what the finished product is going to look like.

Personally, I can’t wait to go check it out. And if you’re not excited to see it, then you’re dead to me.

The drafting of DJ Wilson will certainly help with what the Bucks are doing. He adds length, which as we all know, is the Bucks forte. I don’t think he will play a huge role, but could potentially get some minutes off the bench. Either way, he is looking solid in the Summer League games and it will be fun to watch him develop.

Bronson Fucking Koenig. One of all of our favorite players from the Badgers. He signed the Buck first ever two-way contract which allows him to jump from the G-League to the NBA throughout the season. KoenigVery excited to see what he has to offer. After all, the guy can shoot the lights out. We’ve all seen that. Plus, there is always this picture that we can look at and wonder what the hell is going on.






I would also be upset with myself if I didn’t mention that the D-League changed their name to the G-League (Gatorade League). I mean what on earth is that about? Just a terrible name for a semi-professional basketball league. I am however excited that the Bucks to have a team in that league though. At first, I was skeptical about the name Wisconsin Herd. But when I saw the logo, I was all in. Just a kick ass logo they came up with.







I would also be a bit angry if I did not at least give a shout out to Brogdon and Giannis for winning awards this off-season. Although they weren’t MVP awards, they do bring a lot of good attention to the Bucks and they are something to Build on.


Lastly, I wanted to touch on the Summer League games this far. DJ has looked good and so has Vaughn. I’m more excited about DJ because I don’t think Vaughn is a future piece of this puzzle. But I do enjoy watching him do well and hope he keeps it up and proves me wrong. I also think it was great to get Thon out there for a couple of games but it’s an even better idea to send him back to Milwaukee to work out with Giannis for a couple of weeks. He will learn more there anyway.

Overall, it has been a packed off-season, and I am excited for the new season in the new arena and possible just as excited to watch Koenig in Oshkosh. He will be a huge crowd pleaser for that city and it will be fun to watch him light it up.

I wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see him play.



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