Brewers Leading the Way

Ladies and Gentleman it is June and your Milwaukee Brewers are number one in the Central Division.  Hard to believe considering how great the Cubs and Cardinals are supposed to be (as the Cubs bandwagon fans like to remind us).   But the Brewers are sitting on top right now.  Couple things to talk about…

One: Stop drug testing Eric Thames.  The guy goes off; gets tested 4 times “at random”.  Then he goes cold for a little bit while dealing with illness and injury and as soon as he hits a comeback dinger they “randomly” test him again.  I understand the MLB is taking PED use seriously but just because a Milwaukee Brewer is killing it does not mean you need to pay extra close attention.  If this guy was a Yankee or a Dodger no one would have thought twice about.  They would have just assumed the organizations found a diamond in the rough and talked about how great he is.

Two: The Brewers offence is clicking.  They are Top 10 in every major batting category in the NL including 2nd in homers (only trailing the Nats) and 5th in OBP.  Quite frankly if the team is looking this good on offense right now I am even more excited to see it when the talent in the minors comes up.  Not to mention they are doing all without Braun.

Three:  Anderson is dialed in right now.  He threw another gem yesterday against the Mets going 7 strong with 0 earned runs and just 3 hits.  All I can hope is this keeps up.  He is 29 and under club Image result for knebel brewerscontrol through 2020.  Additionally, the bullpen has been solid for the most part.  Barnes is throwing fairly well and Knebel has been lights out.  He had one bad outing but other than that his ERA is still 1.04 and has 46 K’s already this year.  Finally, moving Willy P. to the bullpen was a great idea.  He was not looking great in his starting role but always through a solid 3 innings.  He has been hit or miss so far but if he can settle down and get use to starting with people on base this could be a good fit for him.  And if it doesn’t work out we know to cut him because it has been long enough.

Four:  Why is it every time I to to Miller Park, regardless Related imageof who they are playing I am subjected to dealing with bandwagon Cubs fan.  Don’t try and tell me they are not band wagon fans either.  Because if you were a true fan you would be watching your team play instead of showing up watching the Brewers continue to role.  They play in a park called Wrigley Field and it’s a 45 min train ride south.  Try going there.  Or watch them on TV.  I don’t care.  Just stop walking around Miller Park with Cubs gear you bought 6 months ago and acting like your shit don’t stink.  It does, and so do the Cubs.

Overall, I could not be more excited about what the Brewers are doing right now. They are playing good baseball and it is exciting to watch.  It will be interesting to see how the next 6 weeks go before the All Star break.

Go Brew Crew.

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