Uncle Ted Strikes Back…The 2017 NFL Draft.

How fun is the NFL Draft?  Packer fans can agree that the off-season can be a grueling struggle at times, but it is always fun to see what the rookie class is going to look like.  I think that we can all agree that for one reason or another this draft felt more important this year than in other years.  The Packers were one game away from the Super Bowl last season but that lambasting that the Falcons put on us made this off-season ultra-important.  There were holes that needed to be patched up, and not with duct tape (Sorry Mr. Gunther).  We needed impact players, not role players, not developmental players, we needed starts.  I believe Uncle Ted was able to find some for us…

Ted was able to trade out of the first round, and that was the first of many terrific choices this weekend!  He was able to trade the Packers 1st round pick for the Browns 2nd round pick, and their 4th round pick, which means the Packers had the first choice on day 2, and day 3.  They curtailed those picks into players that will help out IMMEDIATELY.  Let’s take a look at the players they chose.

Kevin King-Washington (Cornerback):

–It was obvious watching the Packers try and cover Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, etc. that we did not have the speed to keep up in the secondary.  King will fill that void.  He is the tallest corner in this draft and also runs a 4.4 40 yard dash.  A statistic that I found to be shocking is that he was targeted 64 times last season and did not give up a single touchdown.  NOT ONE!!!  His NFL comparison is Richard Sherman, as much as we all hate that guy, he can ball.  The Packers needed a legit corner that has speed to run with top notch wide outs, we got that in a 6’3 frame.  I think he will fit in just fine with the Packers.  Also check out this interception he made while playing at Washington!!


Josh Jones-North Carolina State (Safety):

–Another very physical player that runs a 4.41 40 yard dash.  By all accounts Josh Jones and Kevin King will probably be the Packers 2 fastest defenders.  Jones had 109 tackles last season, and 8 career interceptions (Most among underclassmen safety’s taken in the first two rounds).  I read one scouting report that said they would have chosen Jones over Jamal Adams.  That is telling for me.  The one red flag on him is that he ‘Gets out of control at times and you need to rein him in’ (AFC Defensive Backs Coach).  This guy is EXACTLY what the Packers needed.  He won’t line up at safety as they have HaHa, and Burrnett, but he may flex down and play some linebacker, or cover slot guys as he has the speed to do that.  The loss of Micah Hyde was a tough pill to swallow, but this guy is an even better version of him that will contribute somewhere on the defense right away.


Montravius Adams-Auburn (Defensive Lineman):

–This was the one pick that was a bit of a head scratcher.  Adams is still a good football player, and may provide some value.  He is a big bodied interior lineman that played at the highest level of college football in the SEC.  He did record 43 tackles last season, 8 of which were for loss, and even recorded 4 sacks.  Scouts so say that he is a little stiff at times but you cannot teach size and he has that at 6’4 304.  At 6’4 you have to imagine that Adams will be used as their pass rushing defensive lineman, and he has the quickness to get to the quarterback.  Overall this guy can play, and is built like a brick shit house.


Vince Biegel-Wisconsin (Linebacker):

–For all of you Packers fans that were clamoring for the Packers to take TJ Watt in the first round, how do you feel about this pick? (This is the pick that Ted traded back and got…Sorry Haters).  Biegel is a pass rushing linebacker that was banged up last season, and had he been fully healthy he would have been on the same level as TJ Watt.  The Packers got a home grown kid in the 4th round thanks to Ted’s brilliant trade.  This guy has a motor that won’t stop, and will work harder than anyone as he is a guy that gets to play out a lifelong dream of playing for the Packers.  This guy will be the next Clay Matthews.  That is my bold prediction.


Jamaal Williams-BYU (Running Back):

–Was it odd to anyone else that Ted Thompson actually drafted positions of need?  I imagine he will say that ‘The board just fell that way’, but it sure seemed like he had a plan, and executed that plan.  Williams was compared to Frank Gore as a running back that is able to stay upright through contact.  He average 6 yards a carry last season and had 12 touchdowns, both are impressive.  The best part about this guy is that PFF (Pro Football Focus) graded him out as one of the top two running backs in the class at Pass Protection.  Mike McCarthy reiterated that Ty Montgomery is the starting running back, but the pick of Williams will help long term.


For the sake of time, and my readers attention span I will not breakdown the rest of the players that were drafted.  I do have a few things I think I know though…

  • Getting Malachi Dupre with the 247th pick is one of the biggest steals of the draft.
  • Ted Thompson could not help himself and he drafted another 2 sport athlete(Aaron Jones-Basketball at UTEP)
  • Kofi Amichia(Lineman from South Florida) will play at least one down at Guard for the Packers in 2017
  • The fact that Jamaal Williams had to leave the BYU program for having a girl in his dorm room makes him even cooler in my eyes, it is also laughable.
  • The Packers will not regret missing out on Rueben Foster, or TJ Watt.
  • Mitchell Trubisky will be better than we expect, but will still have a poor career until he leaves Chicago
  • If either Malachi Dupre, or DeAngela Yancy can play special teams Jeff Janis will not make the 53 man roster
  • Jamaal Adams looks like James Starks when he runs and that will piss me off.
  • Tayson Hill will be super fun to watch in the Pre-Season.
  • This was Ted Thompson’s best draft on paper…

All in all I thought the Packers did a terrific job of adding players that will step in right away and have immediate impact on games.  Kevin King, Josh Jones, and Vince Beigel will all contribute to a defense that desperately needs them too.  I think that Jones will have the biggest impact because he is going to have the most opportunity.  I ask now that we all take it easy on Uncle Ted.  The guy had a hell of a weekend!  Let’s see how it translates over to the field, but on paper it appears that Ted did his job.





One thought on “Uncle Ted Strikes Back…The 2017 NFL Draft.

  1. Great blog Sean. Enjoyed reading it. I wish Pam had let me know about it sooner. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


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