A way to early look at the 2017 Schedule…

I am on record as saying the release of the NFL Schedule is a top 5 day of the year!  It is a reminder that we are getting closer to training camp, pre-season games, and the real games that start up in early September.  Below you will see a game by game breakdown of how 2017 will shake out for the beloved Packers.  As always they have their full allotment of Prime-Time games as they find themselves on Sunday Night Football 3 times, and once a piece on Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.  They hose 3 of those 5 games as well.  I am being overly critical when breaking these games down, but I fully expect the Packers to go 16-0….


Week 1: Sun., Sept. 10 vs. Seattle, 3:25 p.m., Fox

  • Fun opening game for us Packer fans. We get to welcome Fat Eddie back to Lambeau, and hopefully they put another beat down similar to the one they laid on Seattle last season at Lambeau.  My gut tells me the Packers will not lose a home opener, especially not a 3:30 kickoff.  I also expect Richard Sherman to pick off Russell Wilson at least once (Hey!  A guy can dream right?)
  • Prediction: Packers-31 Seahawks-20

Week 2: Sun., Sept. 17 at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m., NBC

  • When the schedule came out the one thing I DID NOT want to see was the Packers being the sacrificial lamb that had to open up the Falcons new stadium. To no one’s surprise, they are…And it is on SNF (Just like when they went to Minnesota last year).  This doesn’t bode well for the Packers.  This will be the Packers 3rd time playing in Atlanta within the calendar year, which is something you don’t see every day.   If they could manage a victory in this game I would be over the moon excited.
  • Prediction: Packers-35 Falcons-51 (Julio Jones: 15 catches-209 yards-4 TDs)

Week 3: Sun., Sept. 24 vs. Cincinnati, 3:25 p.m., CBS

  • AJ Green will have a field day against the Packers secondary (Unless Davone House locks him up). I do not think that Andy Dalton is capable of coming into Lambeau Field and beating Aaron Rodgers.  This will be another shootout(Expect a lot of that in 2017)
  • Prediction: Packers-31 Bengals-20

Week 4: Thurs., Sept. 28 vs. Chicago, 7:25 p.m., CBS/NFLN

  • This is like the 7th season in a row that the Packers are playing the Bears on national TV at night. Eventually the NFL will wise up and stop putting these games in that slot.  This will be the Packers easiest test of the first half.  A young team like Chicago on a short week will mean bad things for them.  This will also be Mike Glennon’s first start at Lambeau, at night, on a short week.  #prayforhim
  • Prediction: Packers-35 Bears-17

Week 5: Sun., Oct. 8, at Dallas, 3:25 p.m., Fox*

  • The biggest benefit of this game falling where it does on the schedule is that the Packers have a week and a half to prepare for Dallas. They get the Thursday night game at home again, and then a mini bye week early in the season.  I don’t know if it will be enough to beat Dallas in Dallas.  This is for sure a revenge game for them (Please see Jared Cook tiptoeing on the sideline).  I also don’t know if Dallas will be as good as they were last season.  Give me 10 days of preparation, and Aaron Rodgers….
  • Prediction: Packers-37 Cowboys-31

Week 6: Sun., Oct. 15 at Minnesota, noon, Fox*

  • This will be the Packers first ‘Non-Primetime’ game of the season. Mike McCarthy is on record as saying that he LOVES the noon games as it give his team a much more consistent schedule on game day.  A noon game will also lesson the importance of this game for the Vikings.  I fully expect Minnesota to be very average this upcoming season.  I also don’t expect Sam Bradford to be playing in this game as he will get injured beforehand.
  • Prediction: Packers-24 Vikings-17

Week 7: Sun., Oct. 22 vs. New Orleans, noon, Fox

  • Through the years the Packers and Saints have played some highly competitive games. The saints traded their best WR this offseason, and it sounds like trade talks for Malcom Butler have broken down.  With an average receiving core, and a below average secondary this seems like a winnable game for the Packers.  I guarantee that Drew Brees will make it close, but in the end it won’t be enough to get them a win.
  • Prediction: Packers-31 Saints-28

Week 8: Bye (Great timing for a Bye.  Much better than the week 5 bye they had last season)

Week 9: Mon., Nov. 6 vs. Detroit, 7:30 p.m., ESPN

  • The schedule makers helped the Packers out here again. The Packers will have 15
    days off between games here!  15!!  The bye week also comes at a great time as the schedule starts to ease up a bit out of the bye.  Just in time for them to get on their postseason role.  I am already looking forward to Jon Gruden talking about Rodgers in this game.  Give me the Packers big here…I’m talking real big.
  • Prediction: Packers-45 Lions-17

Week 10: Sun., Nov. 12 at Chicago, noon, Fox

  • The schedule makers helped the Packers out here again. The Packers will have 15 days off between games here!  15!!  The bye week also comes at a great time as the schedule starts to ease up a bit out of the bye.  Just in time for them to get on their postseason role.  I am already looking forward to Jon Gruden talking about Rodgers in this game.  Give me the Packers big here…I’m talking real big.
  • Prediction: Packers-45 Lions-17

Week 11: Sun., Nov. 19 vs. Baltimore, noon, CBS

  • If there is one thing that I have learned in my young life it is that Joe Flacco is as inconsistent as the weather. If the Packers get good Joe Flacco they may lose.  If they get bad Joe Flacco they will win by 40.  For some odd reason I think that Flacco and Terell Suggs do enough damage to beat Green Bay this afternoon.
  • Prediction: Packers-20 Ravens-28

Week 12: Sun., Nov. 26 at Pittsburgh, 7:30 p.m., NBC

  • Outside of the Falcons matchup I believe this is the Packers greatest challenge this season. The Packers weakness is their suspect defense, and the Steelers pose a great threat with Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, and Big Ben.  I don’t know who is going to cover Brown in this game, and if they pass the ball to Bell out of the backfield it can only mean disaster.  This will be back to back losses for the first and only time in 2017.
  • Prediction: Packers-28 Steelers-33

Week 13: Sun., Dec. 3 vs. Tampa Bay, noon, Fox

  • The one true ‘weather’ game will be this one. Jamis Winston’s first trip to Lambeau will mean something as I expect the Buccaneers to be in the playoff hunt.  This game may even get flexed to a 3:30 kickoff.  The Packers are a far more experienced team and I believe that will be a huge key in this matchup.  I think Winston makes one more mistake than Rodgers and the Packers sneak out a quality win in December.
  • Prediction: Packers-24 Buccaneers-21

Week 14: Sun., Dec. 10 at Cleveland, noon, Fox

  • The only questions going into this game is if the Browns will have a win
    yet. I venture to guess that they will, but I still do not see any possible
    way that the Packers lose this game.  If they do they don’t deserve to make the playoffs.  This is another game where weather may be a factor as the winters in Cleveland are worse than Green Bay.
  • Prediction: Packers-28 Browns-10

Week 15: Sun., Dec. 17 at Carolina, noon
, Fox

  • This is a hard one to predict. The Panthers went 15-1 two seasons ago, and last year they were terrible.  I don’t think the Panthers are better than Atlanta, or Tampa Bay, but this will be a challenging late season road game.  Cam Newton has always played well against the Packers, and I expect that to remain the same.  I don’t know why I am picking the Packers to lose this game, but I believe they will.
  • Prediction: Packers-17 Panthers-24

Week 16: Sat., Dec. 23 vs. Minnesota, 7:30 p.m, NBC

  • The Vikings play 6 of their final 8 games on the road, a
    nd they will see the Packer fans in rare form as the Packers get the rare Saturday night home game! I expect the Packers to be playing for a first round bye in this game, and they will put a
    similar beat down on the Vikings as they did last year on Christmas Eve.  Look for Marty Bennett to have a field day across the middle of the field…And do some outrageous Christmas related touchdown celebration.  This game should have all Packer fans enjoying their Christmas a day or two early!
  • Prediction: Packers-31 Vikings-13


Week 17: Sun., Dec. 31 at Detroit, noon, Fox

  • This game will be Brett Hundley’s first career start. This game will mean absolutely nothing for either team.  The Packers will have everything wrapped up that they need, and the Lions will be 100% eliminated from playoff contention.  If fate has its way Hundley will throw for 6 touchdowns and 500+ yards and get a huge payday in the offseason (Somewhere Matt Flynn laughed at my shitty joke)
  • Prediction: Packers-20 Lions-21

By my count that would put the Packers 11-5.  I also have the Packers going 5-1 in the Division.  I think that 11-5 will be plenty good enough for them to get a top 2 seed and the important bye in the Playoffs.  I believe Atlanta will be right up there, so that week 2 matchup is an important game.  I also believe that the NFC North will end up being one of the worst divisions in football this season.  This can all change based on the draft, injuries, and moves that have yet to be made, but I promise you that you will see the Green and Gold playing well into January yet again….

At this time of the year it is not about the Packers.  It is 100% about the Milwaukee Bucks and game 5 tomorrow against the Raptors!  Let’s go Bucks!!  Get a win fellas!




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