Brewers Off To A Good Start

When the brewers finished the opening series against the Rockies I was thinking about how long it might take to win a single series this season.  Mere weeks later and we are at an 8-6 record and are second in the division to the reds.  THE REDS (who would of that they would be atop the central at any point).  I understand it is super early in the season but any point his year where the Brewers are ahead of the Cubs and the Cardinals in the division I will be happy about.  It is also fun to see the Brewers leading the majors in home runs with 25 so far this season.  Not only are they on a hot streak but they are wreaking havoc on this road trip.  They took both games at the Jays, 3 of 4 to the reds and now game one in Chicago.

The crew is playing well right now and people are taking notice.  More specifically people are noticing Eric Thames.  He has 7 bombs including 5 in the last 5 games.  The guy is playing with a chip on shoulder this state hasn’t seen since Aaron Rodgers won the starting job.  Every time he gets interviewed he reiterates how he needs to prove his resume from Korea will translate.  Thames is fired up to be back in the bigs and when he steps up to the plate and looks like a Samoan warrior preparing for battle. He sits there and swings the bat with one arm like it’s a twig.  Have you seen the new animated film Moana?  Yeah, he look likes the Hawaiian God Maui played by the Rock.  I love what he is doing (as I am sure all Brewers fans are) and I hope it never stops.  On a side note, if this does work out David Stearns starting to hit on his moves this early gives me a lot of hope for the future (Brewers 2020 World Series Champs… you heard it here first).

Also to be quite honest the pitching has been surprisingly good.  Willy P and Jimmy we know have the right stuff if they can stay consistent but now we have Chase Anderson getting his second win yesterday.  Also coming out of the Bullpen Barnes is off to a great start.  He has yet to surrender a run and is sporting a .72 WHIP.  The Brewers are hot right now and I look forward to riding this right through the St. Louis series this weekend.

Go Brew Crew.


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