Brewers Drop Opener

Happy Opening Day to everyone!  The baseball season is officially under way in Milwaukee as the Brewers dropped game one to the Rockies.  It wasn’t exactly the ideal start when Junior Guerra got hurt in the 3rd while laying down a bunt.  It was a great bunt but it sent him to the showers early.  Tommy Milone (former Twin) comes in for two innings and gives up two runs but kept the game within reach.  The Brewers got hot in the  5th loading the basis for Villar who drove in two with a double.  Eric Thames followed up with a double to right to knock in two more.  Other than a great relay from Braun to Arcia to Bandy to throw out Parra at home there is not much to mention on the Brewers side of things the back half of the game.  From there Mariñez loaded the bases in the 7th and Milwaukee lost the lead.  There was a heavy combination of lack of offense and defensive errors to down the stretch.

A few thoughts on the game…. Travis Shaw looked good at 3rd.  His defense was solid and he was the only Brewer who recorded more than one hit.  Other than his strike out in the 7th (same play where Braun was thrown out taking 2) he had a great game.  Our new first basemen, Eric Thames looks like Prince Fielder who trained for UFC instead of baseball and actually did okay in his first MLB game since 2014.  Too early to tell but between the tribal tattoos and his ability to put the ball in play, things are looking up at 1st.  Braun and Villar had a tough start to the season.  Braun went hitless and Villar struggled throughout.  Other than the double in the in the 5th Villar looked a little uncomfortable at 2nd.  There was only one recorded error but he also fumbled a sure fire double play ball Aricia threw to him.  On a more positive note Bandy looked good behind the plate and threw out Reynolds trying to steal 2nd in the 9th.  And to be honest, one of the best parts of playing Colorado is Charlie Blackmon’s mullet.  Man that thing is dialed in.  With the mullet, beard combination that guy looks like he literally descended from the Rocky Mountains only to play baseball for 6 months and then goes back up the mountain to train in the offseason.

Overall, not a bad game giving us a lot to build on and some of the new players looked promising.  They were able to get on base but just couldn’t bring them around leaving 20 stranded.  They are back tomorrow with Davies on the mound.  Let’s go Brew Crew.

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