How Sweet it is! (Badgers vs Florida Preview)

LETS JUST EFFING GO!!! Your Wisconsin Badgers have beaten the number one overall seed and moved onto the Regional in the Big Apple. This is the 4th consecutive year the Badgers are onto the Sweet 16. Out of 351 NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball teams, there is only been 1 team playing in the second weekend since 2013 and that’s our beloved Badgers. The team we have all have been cheering for (outside of Marquette fans of course–shoutout to Dwayne Wade for having the power to brainwash a fan base in thinking they are relevant) is cemented in the upperechelon of College Basketball. We are in the middle of the best basketball ever to be played in this state collegiately, soak it in. 

**I apologize for only one blog this week, I had a note out to Moesch and Ferris to jump on the blog but they were making an awesome music video (watch below)
Let’s get into some keys to the game:

  • 3 Ball- Who is going to make the most 3’s tonight may be the team who wins the game. Both teams will shoot 15-20 3’s per game minimum, and it will come down to who gets the best looks and who is making/taking contested looks. Florida’s defense against the 3 this year has been incredible, allowing opponents only 30% shooting from behind the arc. Few major keys here: Can the Badgers free up Bronson? Which Vitto Brown will show up? Can Showy make the open 3’s he’s going to get?
  • Foul Trouble: Which team will avoid it? Happ and Koenig sat for 20+ minutes against Villanova and the rest of the fellas were able to pick up the slack enough to move on. You can not count on that happening night in and night out and I’m certain Gardo addressed that this week. These guys have been here before and I don’t expect this to be an issue tonight but a storyline to follow. 
  • Points in the paint: Badgers will once again have the advantage in the post. Florida’s big man John Egbunu tore his ACL in February which is unfortunate for the Gators but this is the Sweet 16 and every advantage gets that much bigger. Ethan and Nigel have to own this game, and if that happens, we win by 10. Them dominating the paint and causing double teams, means open 3’s AKA HIGH PERCENTAGE SHOTS! 

The path to Phoenix is paved, let’s continue to #MakeEmBelieve !!!

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