The Bucks are HOT! 5-seed in sight

Bucks in Six. Bucks in 6. #BucksInSix. #BucksIn6. No matter what way you put it, it reads Bucks In Six. I have to take a second and express how excited I am that the Bucks have won 13 of their last 18. They are 13-5 since Khris Middleton has come back from his hamstring injury and 9-2 with him in the starting lineup. I wrote an article a couple of weeks debating if I would rather have Middleton or Parker out there. I ended the article saying that I would rather have Jabari Parker out there. Safe to say that Middleton is having me eat my words.

It has been pretty clear that Middleton is the better option of the two. Do I miss the fast-break show-time dunks by Jabari? Yes, of course, I’m not an idiot. That shit is fun to watch. But what I will say is that that Bucks are clearly better off with Middleton out there rather than Jabari. Not only is he just a better passer, scorer and just flat out better teammate, but his defensive presence is second to none compared to Jabari. During this hot streak that they have been on, they are giving up 98.8 PPG. They have given up over 100 only four times during this stretch and two of those games have been against the Warriors and Grizzlies. Both are playoff teams that can flat out score in almost any way that they would like. Just as a heads up, the league average of points against is 105.7PPG. To put this all into perspective, there are only two teams that are giving up less than 100PPG; Spurs at 98.6 and the Jazz at 96.5. When they say defense wins championships, they are not kidding because these two teams are respectively 2nd and 4th in the Western Conference. If the Bucks keep up this defensive play, they will be in good company.

The Bucks have come storming into the playoffs and immediately surpassed the 8 seed and are sitting at the 7 seed with the 6th playoff spot in arms reach. If they get to the 6th spot, I would be incredibly happy. Not only would they be clear of the Cavs but they would also be clear of Boston who is starting to look more and more like the old Larry Bird Celtics every day. If they get the 6th seed, they will have to play the Wizards or the Raptors. Both of which, I believe the Bucks can beat in the playoffs. A series victory in the playoffs would be monumental for the Bucks. It feels like it has been a century since the Bucks have done that. Not to mention, if they make the 6 seed, then the historical phrase “#BucksIn6” has a double meaning to it. They will be in the 6 seed and winning the series in 6 games. Just incredible. Too good to be true almost.

Their next four games are extremely winnable. Kings, Hawks, Bulls and Hornets. Suck, Suck, Suck and Suck. Is that aggressive to say all four of those teams suck? Yes, of course it is. But with the way the Bucks are playing, I feel pretty confident in coming away with at least 3 of 4 during this stretch.

This is honestly one of the most exciting stretches of basketball that this franchise has played in several years. Each day that goes by, I get more excited about the game. The only thing that has been a struggle has been the late start times the last couple of days. That shit is too late man. Way past my bed time. Let’s push for that 6 seed and take it whatever team runs into us.


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