‘Winners Win, Losers Lose’ How a Packer fan views the Bears, Lions, and Vikings.

As a Packer fan in my early 30’s I have seen a lot of terrific football throughout my life.  I will be the first to admit that being a Packer fan is not challenging.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a fan of our three Division rivals, and then I typically wake up in a cold sweat, roll over, and the nightmare is over.  Either way, I am writing this post to give you a Packer fans perspective of what fans of the Lions, Vikings, and Bears are like.  Let’s begin with our closest and oldest rival the Bears.

Bears- Where do we begin with these folks?  One positive I will tell you about Bears fans, specifically all Chicago sports fans,is that they are super passionate about their sports teams.  As a Brewers fan it was awesome to see the Cubs win the World Series last year just to see how the city would react.  Bears fans are a different breed though.  Every Bears fan still believes that there is a true rivalry with the Packers.  NEWS FLASH-The Packers are 37-18 against the Bears since 1990, and one of those victories punched our ticket to Super Bowl 45.  Typically a rivalry has to be competitive, or somewhat equal.  That is like saying Beyond The Bench Sports rivals Barstool Sports, which it clearly does not….yet.  The most predictable thing about Bears fans is that every conversation that ever comes up somehow becomes about how great the ’85 Bears’ were.  Let’s cut the shit here.  1985 was 31 years ago and they have been 100% irrelevant ever since.  There’s no question that team was awesome.  That defense was incredible, Walter Payton is grace personified, and Ditka is Ditka, but a lot has changed over 31 years, time to give it a rest, but what do I know?  I am just a spoiled Packers fan that has had the luxury of watching the Packers heave 4th and forever passes into the cold Solider Field night as we sneak out with another NFC North Title.  Two things  1.) The only QB to win a Super Bowl with the Bears also won as many with the Packers(Google Jim McMahon).  2.)  Have fun with Mike Glennon losers.


Lions- Does anyone else have a family member that you only see once every 3-4 years, and when they come to family Christmas they are over the top obnoxious and frankly you are happy they only come around every 3 years?  Yea, that is what fans of the Lions are like.  I again will give credit where credit is due.  If you are a Lions fan and have stuck with them through the Mike Williams, Charles Rodgers, Roy Williams, 0-16, Matt Millen, Jon Kitna years, (I need to stop or I could go on forever) then I give you a ton of credit!  The god damn team didn’t win a single game one season!  Not a single one!!  With that said, I cannot argue with the Lions fans that are passionate when the team does show some signs of life. At the end of the day, though, these are the SOL (Same Ol’ Lions).  This is the same team that forced Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson to cut their careers short due to losing.  The same team that lost to the Packers in multiple playoff games (Please see Sterling Sharpe catching a bomb from Brett Favre, and google Barry Sanders -1 yards).   I have gone to games at Ford Field – the stadium is actually really nice!  The fans? Now that’s a different topic of discussion.  Story time: Packers were up 21-10 at the end of the 3rd quarter, Lions ball driving in to score and the place was emptying out like there was a fire drill.  This further proves my theory that Lions fans are trained to expect losing and anything different puts them in a weird emotional imbalance thus causing them to think this team can win the NFC North (Please see week 17 in the 2016 season) At the end of the day this team is a cute little story, but they will never be anything more than the ugly step child to the Redwings and Tigers.

Lions Fan.jpg

Vikings– Last, and probably least, are the Minnesota Viking fans.  Is there a more delirious group of fans on the planet?  Any fan base that gets excited over Sam Bradford and his ¾ length jersey sleeves are not people I want to associate with.  I was with a Vikings fan the day that the Sam Bradford trade was executed…you would have thought the Vikings traded for Joe Montana.  The worst part is that excitement carried over into the season last year when they had such a great start, only to lose like their last 7 games, and Mike Zimmer’s right eye in the process.  As a Packer fan, was their anything better than watching Brett Favre throw across his body in the NFC Title game back in 2009?  That was classic Vikings.  What about in 1998 when Gary Anderson missed his first kick of the season to cost them an NFC Title?  That was classic Vikings.  What about in 2000 when the Vikings lost the NFC Championship game 41-0?  Again classic Vikings.  Remember when their dumpster of a stadium was not prepared for a snowstorm and the roof collapsed?  Think about that….A sports team in MINNESOTA was not prepared for a SNOW STORM.  Need I say it? Classic Vikes.  I think you get my point here.  Vikings fans, stop thinking you are on the same wave length as the Packers.  You are not.  You are 0-4 in Super Bowls; you’ve been around since 1961 and have never won any sort of Championship to date.  You are worse than the Lions.  At least the Bears have 1985 to talk about, and Lions fans can at least make fun of themselves.  In my opinion the Vikings are the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns of the NFC, and that might be high praise because the Browns had some good teams in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  Have fun being mediocre forever Minnesota.  You will always have Gordon Bombay, the true Minnesota Miracle Man.


There you have it folks.  I hope Packer fans enjoyed this and I hope fans of the Lions, Bears, and Vikings take a good long look in the mirror.  It is never too late to make the switch over to the Packer bandwagon, but knowing those three fan bases they would probably be more likely to become fans of the Falcons, Seahawks, or Cowboys.

50 Cent said it best when he said ‘Losers Lose, Winners Win’.  Sucks to suck Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota.

One thought on “‘Winners Win, Losers Lose’ How a Packer fan views the Bears, Lions, and Vikings.

  1. Typical Packer fan

    Classy article Sean…….. I have now realized that you’re right. The Bears, Lions, and Vikings don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Packers, let alone be in the same division together. We should get in touch with the commissioner, and get the divisions properly structured. I mean the Packers need to face some “real” teams with some “real” talent right? Smug
    Can someone pull the wool off Sean’s eyes? This article is riddled with the arrogance of a cult follower trying to explain how delicious the cool-aide is. How can you consider the Bears vs Packers showdown to not be a “true rivalry?” This is considered to be one of the most iconic on-going battles the NFL has ever had! The break down is 93-91-6 with the advantage toward the Bears! You are correct the record is 37-18 since 1990, and the 85’ Bears was 31 years ago. It’s settled then, the Lombardi Trophy will now be called the Belichick, and Green Bay is no longer Title town… New England is. If you want to base your logic off recent history then let’s fully commit shall we. How ridiculous does that sound? All you did was find some stats that worked in your favor, and tried to catch Bears fans with their pants down. Sad
    I would rather not watch you fall down the bull**** tree, and hit every branch on the way down, but… C’Mon man, you can’t really believe half this trash you are vomiting up? How would you have liked Vikings fans to react? There starting QB that had franchise hopes goes down with a season ending, possibly career ending injury weeks before the season. Sammy Sleeves was a great pick up given the situation they were in or not. In the end he threw for 3,900 yards, and finished right in the middle of the pack. I would like to imagine that he would have been capable of much more if his line wasn’t completely ripped apart! Now Bradford may not be an elite QB, but when you’re used to Ponder, signing Sammy is like getting Montana. Let’s not even get into the tangled web that is Brett Farve. I will keep it simple for you, as I know you have the attention span of a field mouse. Brett may have thrown a pick to lose the game in 2009, but the reason they got there was also because of him taking crazy shots down field. He was never afraid to throw a pick, or destroy his stats; the man went for the win. Maybe if Rodgers had a little more of that attitude himself the locker room would like him, and he could have another Super Bowl ring. Throwing all those Hail Mary’s doesn’t count either. Rodgers has only had the stones to throw those when Green Bay has nothing to lose. If I had to pick between the Gunslinger and the Assassin (or whatever you idiots call him) I would chose Brett every time. Ponder that
    In closing it’s sad to see a fan as naive, arrogant, and miss guided as yourself. There is more to life than the Green Bay Packers guy.


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