Spring Training Review:

We are less than two weeks away from getting the 2017 regular season going!  And although most of the experts are not projecting the Brewers to have a great season you have to be happy with what we have seen in Spring Training.  I understand that exhibition games do not count for anything come April 3rd but I still think there are reasons to be excited about what’s going on in Arizona right now.

To start, tImage result for keon broxton brewershe offense is clicking.  That might have been obvious when they put up 24 runs on 24 hits against the Mariners… Even with that performance the Brewers actually lead all MLB teams in Batting Average, On Base Percentage and home runs for 2017 spring training.  At the very least it shows we have the right people in the farm system that could be making their MLB debut within the next 2 seasons.  On the flip side the Brewers preseason ERA ranks 6th among the entire league and 4th in the NL.  I must admit that is a surprise considering they traded away most of their bullpen from last year.  Overall this all gives me hope for the season.  I am hearing a lot of talk about how bad the brewers are going to be this year and after I see spring training  I have reason to optimistic.  Their overall record is 14-10 but if they find ways to win the close ones in the regular season we will be set.  As it stands the ever reliable odds shark puts the over under for wins in 2017 at 69.5.  If I was a betting man I am betting the house on the over!

There are a few players in particular I am excited to watch as this season begins.  I think the main one that comes to mind is Keon Broxton.  This is a maImage result for lewis brinson sky soxke or break season for him and he has had a solid Spring so far.  He is hitting .395 with and OBS of .469.  If he can average anything close to that we have ourselves a center fielder.  Lewis Brinson (our number one overall prospect) is another player hitting just under .300 right now.  He already was designated to for assignment to triple A to start the year but I look forward to seeing him in Milwaukee sometime this season.

As far as Image result for zach daviespitching is concerned I am really looking forward to watching Zach Davies for his second season in Milwaukee.  Junior Guerra might have won the role as opening day starter but I am interested to see how Davies progresses this year.  The guy has scary control when it comes to hitting his spots and I love watching that guy pitch.  If he threw five MPH faster he could be the best pitcher in the league.  He has not had the best spring with a 4.5 ERA but has the largest body of work so far with 14 innings.  He could be a major piece moving forward given how his age and upside potential I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brewers sign him to an extension before this year is over.

13 more days!

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