Remember those super athletic teams I talked about that the Badgers don’t want to play in the tournament? Well, I didn’t account for VA Tech, but this is what we get in Round 1. There are some definite advantages Wisconsin has in this game, but we can not overlook them in the slightest. Buzz Williams has coached against Wisconsin for the better part of the last decade and as always his teams will play at a high pace without much defense to be spoken of.

More of the same with this years VA Tech team; they are 126th in Defensive Efficiency this year (LOL) but boast a top 25 ranking in offensive efficiency coming in at 21. What does this mean for the Badgers? They need to show up defensively to win this game, they absolutely can not get into a track meet with the Hokies and I don’t see Gardo putting this team into that situation. With a team that poor defensively, we have to be patient and good shots will come. The story hasn’t changed with this team, they can beat anyone or lose t anyone depending on what team decides to show up. We need Nigel to play within himself and not try to show the NBA scouts that he can play on perimeter. Put your pride to the side and do what’s best by your team. This will be another instance where if Nigel wants to, he can score or get fouled on the block whenever the hell he pleases; hopefully he seizes the moment and can punch out ticket to the round of 32.

The other clear advantage we will have in this game is in the post, for the first time probably all season (non-confirmed, only my half buzzed opinion) that Ethan Happ will have a height advantage on the guy who is guarding him. Hokies trot out their tallest guy at 6’6”, which means Happ will have a 3 inch height advantage whenever he is on the floor. This should negate the double team that we can not figure out which is a major positive heading into this game. Also, I’m a huge believer in “good feelings” heading into the NCAA tournament, and with Khalil coming back we are going to have a big boost in morale. Survive and Advance, there’s no other options.


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