Uniform Debacle: Bucks Edition

My CPF (Close Personal Friend) and Brewers Blogger, Jon Schlinder wrote a blog about the Brewers uniforms 5 days ago. While I did not think much of it, our views sky rocketed when we shared it with Paul Lukas and the UniWatch crew. I did not know this existed, but when I saw the views shoot up, I figured I would follow suit.

Uniforms 2This will go back as far as I can remember, so I am going to start off with the jerseys that were actually my favorite. The unbelievable outline of an actual Buck is just awesome. The colors were a perfect compliment to the creative design of the jersey. I don’t think that they will ever have another jersey that gets to be quite this good. Not to
mention all of the greats that wore this jersey. Big Dog Robinson, Ray Allen, etc. I wish they would wear these everyone once in a while as a throwback special.

Next in the progression Uniforms 3was the classic purple of which we all remember Ray Allen wearing. While the design of the jersey is pretty simple and even a bit boring, the purple made it all okay. I for one, still have my Robinson purple jersey and I will continue to wear that for as long as I can. Without sounding redundant, I wish they wore these every once in a while as well. There are easy on the eyes and really pop out there on the court.

Uniforms 4

Ah, the horrible red and green jerseys. I sure do not miss you at all. If there has been a worse decision made in the history of any uniforms every, please let me know, because these are just dog shit. Is there a reason they felt the need to bring in the red? I know I probably don’t even need to prove my point here, but… It gets worse…

These red jersey’s are the absolute worst things I have ever seen. Not only is the shiny brigUniforms 7ht red awful in itself, but the design appears to be the word Milwaukee in Times New Roman font. I mean dear lord, spice it up a bit. These two jersey’s came from the same time period and to be honest with you, it is a time period that I do not wish to relive. So lets move on…

Uniforms 5
The new jersey’s are just what the doctor ordered. They have bold and simple design with the cream color which not many teams in the history of sports have ever represented. The two simple lines on underneath the arms do a great job of mixing it up and I cannot rave enough about them. The only things that would be better is if they brought the Buck and put that on the jersey…

Oh wait, they did do that. These are such a good compliment to the classy Green and Cream. I am so glad that they created an alternate jersey that not only switches things up with the design but also the black in general is just bad ass. Everything from the Bucks rack surroundingUniforms 8 the small number, to the cream lines under the arms. This jersey is just perfect. If I had it my way, they would wear these every night. The only thing that might be better would be an all white version of these black jerseys. Maybe sometime down the road?


While I may have gone a little overboard with all the pictures, I do believe that they did help tell my story and make my point, so I will not apologize for that. I would however like to watch the Bucks beat the Grizzlies for their 7th win in a row and make a push for the 6th seed.




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