Is anyone else wondering what the hell just happened during that Selection show? Before we dive into the numerous questions I have about this bracket I have to give a shout out to my guy Joey Brackets. From the Bunker my man gets 67/68 teams correct, 33/68 seeded exactly right and 15/16 top seeds correct. Annnnnd everyone forgets that he exists for the next 10 months. See you next season Joe.

Now onto my questions.

Minnesota a 5 Seed?? First of all, LOL. You have got to be kidding me here. Taking the Badgers out of this, let’s just talk through this…The committee is saying they are the second best team in the conference, as they are second lowest seed behind Purdue which is a 4 seed. The committee had them rated ahead of Iowa State, who won the Big 12 tournament! Also rated ahead of Notre Dame who lost to Duke in the ACC Finals, SMU who won their conference and conference tournament, along with Michigan who finished one game behind them in the regular season, beat MN in the conference tournament and also happened to win the whole damn thing. Minnesota’s RPI is high, because they have played a lot of tournament teams. But does beating Mount St. Mary’s in December warrant a 5 seed? There are a lot of people wondering what happened here.

Villanova was rewarded with the number one overall seed of the tournament which is a tremendous honor, as the defending national champs and a team that has 30 wins they 100% deserved it. But wow, did they get absolutely hosed on their draw. We are complaining about being the 8 which we should but no way Jay Wright wants to see us in the second round. Florida, SMU, and Duke all waiting for them should they get past the Badgers. Talk about a gauntlet, this is the definition! Just a brutal draw for Nova here.

Finally, talk about getting screwed; how in the hell are the Badgers at 8 seed? I mean for real? They finished 2nd in the conference regular season, runner-up in the conference tournament and are the worst seeded team in the Big Dance from their league. There are a couple of teams ahead of them that jump out to me besides the aforementioned Minnesota Goofs, first being South Carolina. Gamecocks have 5 losses outside the top 50 compared to 3 for Bucky. Lower RPI and were eliminated from their conference tournament on the first day! Also has one less top 50 win than the Badgers. If you thought that was bad, wait until you hear this. Saint Mary’s has one win, ONE, over a tournament team and they are rated higher than the Badgers according to the committee. This one literally makes no sense to me and the more I look at it the most pissed I get. Absolute BS no way around it.

No other options, time to once again Make ‘Em Believe!



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