Free Agency 2017…Ted, Pick Up The Phone…

Well fellow Packers fans, how are we feeling 4 days into the new NFL year, and Free Agency Frenzy that has been the last few days?!  I can personally tell you that none of the losses that we have endured has surprised me.  Maybe we focus a little less on the right end position now, and more on the defensive side of the ball. Uncle Ted is a frugal old man that has a certain way of operating, and he rarely chooses to deviate from that plan.  Now, before you go into the ‘All they care about is winning the division, and not the Super Bowl’ candor let’s look at the deals that were doled out to the folks that we lost.  I may apologize for Ted more than most, but please understand that I hate the way this old man operates too.  If it were up to me the Packers would have Gilmore, Bouye, and AP, but I know that Teddy has a way he goes about his business and he won’t ever change, so let’s write about why we are all pissed off.




TJ Lang– This one sucks.  Everyone loves TJ Lang, and he loved Green Bay.  3 years-28.5 million for next year.  Now rewind about 8 months when Uncle Ted told Josh Sitton to hit the bricks.  It is obvious that he does not value the guard position at all, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.  Quite frankly I am surprised that Ted offered him 3 years-21.5 million.  This one stings, especially because Detroit is getting one hell of a footTJ Langball player, and frankly no one knows who is going to replace him on our offensive line.  Jason Springs is 6’5 and super athletic.  He is not a guard.  Bryan Bulaga graded out as one of the top 5 right tackles in football so he isn’t going anywhere.  I cannot reiterate how much this one stings.  TJ Lang did not give up one sack last year.  Not one…. As stated in a previous post, I will trust Ted one more off season, but it is challenging after seeing statistics like that.


Micah Hyde– Lets again rewind about 2 months ago when the Packers gave up 982 yards passing to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Title Game.  If you remember throughout the Packers playoff run the only defensive back that was always in the right Hyde.jpgposition was Mr. Hyde.  Teddy let him slip over to Buffalo without offering him anything.  HE DIDN’T EVEN OFFER HIM!  Call me crazy here, but I think the Packers greatest area of need is their secondary, yet we allow our utility knife of a corner/safety/linebacker walk without even offering him anything?  This one confuses me a bit.  I guess Ted has seen more in Gunther, Randall, and Rollins than we have.  #prayforthatdefensenextyear


JC Tretter- There wasn’t a spot for him (until Lang signed with DetroiTrettert).  He was going to be backup at every position and sounds like Ted was willing to pay him that way.  Instead he collects a nice payday to be the starting center for the Browns.  Hindsight is 20-20,
there is no question about that, but wouldn’t it be nice to slot him into that right guard spot now?


Julius Peppers– Ted probably is still standing at the fax machine waPeppersiting to see that he retired.  This one seems lazy not to at least talk to him.  Instead let him go to a fellow NFC contender.  Classic Ted move.  Reminds me of when Ted let Charles Woodson walk to Oakland a few years back.




Nick Perry- I have to hand it to this guy.  He has been the definition of avePerryrage for 3 years, and then in a contract season he goes out and has 11 sacks and provides the only stable pass rush on the team in 2016.  At least Ted rewarded him.  Now we have to pray that we get the 2016 version of Nick Perry for a majority of his contract, otherwise his contract
starts to look more and more like his fellow USC brother Clay Matthews.  Speaking of which….Based on Perry and Matthews’s contracts in 2017 we are paying about 1.5 million dollars a sack….And our secondary sucks….Awesome


Martellus Bennett– You almost have to wonder if Ted was drunk when he made this deal.  This seems so ‘un-Ted like’.  He, 1.) Dipped into free agency, 2.) Upgrade a positioBennettn,
3.)With a player that has an interesting personality.  What the fuck?!  I love this signing regardless.  Bennett has a far more polished resume than Jared Cook.  Jared Cook had quality 6 games last year, no question.  Bennett has had a solid 8 years’ worth of production.  Also, little known fact is that Bennett has made more defenders miss a tackle on him than any other tight end since 2013(66 missed tackles).  He also brings an attitude to a sometimes soft offense that they desperately need.  Great work Uncle Ted.  Welcome to The Black Unicorn.


Lance Kendricks– Ted doubles up on athletic tight ends!  Another solid picKendricks.jpgkup.  Kendricks has been catching passes from Sam Bradford, Jared Goff, and a few other bums.  The guy is a Wisconsin guy, grew up a Packer fan, and is a small step back from Jared Cook, and he
will be our backup at the position.  Overall this one felt good too.  He is going to make this work, and he has never won before so his motivation level will be through the roof.




I don’t know why, but I feel like getting Eddie Lacy locked up would be big right now.  Seeing that he is touring Minnesota, and Seattle just give me a very uneasy feeling.  He would help the Packers offense.  They need to get him locked up, and personally I would look at Don’t’a Hightower as a young physical linebackers.  I might also take a look at Brandon Carr, or Moris Claiborn from Dallas.  I also believe they need to add another pass rusher, someone like Connor Barwin would be ideal.  The Packers need to do something defensively this free agency season, otherwise the signings of Bennett a
nd Kendricks will not matter yet again.  At this point, just do something Ted.  I don’t even think Packer fans care if it works.  We just want to know that you are there and are seeing the same thing that we are all seeing, and that is that your current defense is a god damn sive.  PICK UP THE PHONE TED!!!!


Ted Thompson Phone.jpg



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