What is a Bracket Bunker?

I strive to love something, outside of my family, as much as Joey Brackets loves the NCAA Tournament. No disrespect to my man Joey B, if I could make 4.3 million (according to the credible “Answers.com”) and talk about NCAA brackets I would do it in a heartbeat. And to be honest, does anyone give a shit about his bracket after Selection Sunday? Absolutely not, so job security is through the roof. Also, what the hell is this Bracket Bunker that ESPN keeps touting ? Sounds like some weird conference room at the ESPN headquarters where Joey houses a bunch of Diet Mountain Dew while running RPI/KenPom #’s and watches PornHub on an iPod touch until 4:00AM.

Anyway, let’s breakdown the Badgers road according to Joey Brackets as of 3/7.

Round 1 vs Middle Tennessee State-As you may remember this the team that beat Michigan State last year and completely ruined your bracket on Day 1. All 3 of their top scorers from this year were on that team that beat Sparty, 2 of them were key contributors. Nonetheless this is a team that Wisconsin basketball needs to beat if they want to continue to be considered a top program in the nation, and I would expect them to win this match-up.

Round of 32-If it goes chalk, we would match up here with FSU. And non-bias, this is where March Madness would come to an end for Bucky if that does happen. The absolute last thing that we want to see in a one game scenario is a team that has a sure fire first round NBA pick, and also one that gets up and down the floor + scores a ton.You know we are going to go through a scoring spell and I just haven’t seen enough out of our defense that leads me to believe they can stop a team like FSU enough to keep it close.

Round of 16-Should they get through the first weekend and those two matchups I actually like the match up here with either Baylor, Maryland or Seton Hall. Baylor and Maryland are both teams we are familiar with; Maryland is very young outside of Melo, and give me experience in the tournament. Baylor on the surface seems like a tough match up but they play zone which slows the game down, and if we can make shots (I know, I know) but I like this match-up! Think we move on if we get here.

Elite 8-Villanova will be waiting there if this bracket comes to fruition; and talk about an awful match up. Athletic, experienced, scores in bunches and absolutely locks you up defensively. If for some reason Nova decided to forfeit one of their games and the Badgers had to face the likes of Michigan/Florida/Notre Dame (revenge game); I think we can be looking at a 3rd Final Four in 4 years. Dreaming is fun….

Fact of the matter is, teams that are athletic and can score in bunches (Duke, OK State, Oregon, North Carolina, Kansas) are the teams we need to avoid. With the right bracket, this team has the experience to make a run. I one game scenarios, it’s all about match-ups and anything can happen on any given night; that’s what makes March so special.






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