The Uniform Debacle

I am not sure if you have noticed but the Brewers have very quietly changed their logo from the Miller Lite M to this new age throwback glove logo that it is today.  I for one am not a fan.  Are you kidding me?  That ugly crap needs to go back in the head of the marketing exec that chose to throw that idea out there.

We have had some great logos and uniforms throughout the years.  WImage result for brewers barrel mane started off with the barrel man which, to this day, is my personal favorite.  That big ol boy up there swinging a bat and reminding everyone about the best part of Milwaukee was a great start to our beloved franchise.

Then we were Image result for pictures of robin yount playingblessed with the original glove back in the 80’s.  And man that thing was sweet.  I mean the royal blue with the bright yellow creating the MB was sick.  Throw in the
pin stripes and powder blue jersey’s you have the best uniforms ever.  For those of you who don’t know that is what they usually wear for retro Fridays.  If it was up to me we would just switch back to those and never change them again.

Image result for brewers 90s logo

Then the 90’s rolled around there and with it another change in Milwaukee.  I am not a huge fan of the green and gold mixed in with the M looping through the B.  Although Sean Golden (BTB Packers Blogger) loves this logo and assures me it is the best I cannot get on board.  I don’t feel it was right for the Brewers and got away from the core of who we are.  And by that I mean it failed to incorporate a beer reference in the logo or the original blue and yellow.

Then 2000 hit and we got back to our roots.  They came out with the Miller Lite M, the Brewers spelled out in cursive with the barley underneath itImage result for Milwaukee brewers playing away gamesand it is awesome.  They have different variations of it with Brewers logos and such but the trademark is the M on the player’s hats.  Not only did they deliver a great new logo but those away grey jerseys are awesome.  With the navy blue running through out with the gold mixed in those jerseys pop.  This is the best we have had since the powder blues in the 80’s and now it seems like the are phasing these uniforms out.

And now we have our current uniforms that emerged recently.  That ugly despicable excuse for a creative new idea haunts my dreams.  They went and tried to do this new age bullshit and combine our best logo (the glove) with the new navy blue from our newest logo.  Then they had the sweet idea to mix in some ugly ass yellow in there and call it a day.  Now I am a Brewers fans but I am never going to get behind this.   If you want to go back to the glove; then go back to the all of the old jerseys (they are the best after all).  You shouldn’t just get to pick and choose and butcher the hell out of it.  They are flat out ugly.  You cannot just combine the new with the old and think you have a great innovative idea.  No, what you have is a lazy ass excuse to keep the marketing team employed.  Here’s an idea… Fire them all for signing off on this and then pick a logo between the Miller Lite M and the original glove.  Then do not change it again.  Stop messing with a good thing.  They did it in 94 when they first went away from the glove and they are doing it again as right now.

For the love of God I hope they get rid of it.   I mean good lord…!  Nothing will beat this powder blue!

Image result for robin yount

2 thoughts on “The Uniform Debacle

  1. Not to be a jerk but you are essentially complaining that the hats are navy and not royal blue right? Non-brewers fan but these seem like a neat mix of the logo (maybe best in baseball) with a more modern blue. Sure it would look great to go back to Royal, but they do that Fridays. How in the heck is this not an improvement over the M? I struggle to see your logic other than its not 100% of what you want.


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