Middleton or Parker?

As the Bucks run another 3-game winning streak, I can’t help but wonder…Would I rather have Khris Middleton or Jabari Parker out there?

Now I know with injuries aside, there is an obvious answer to this question. Jabari Parker is four years younger and has averaged more points per game throughout his young career. Not to mention, he is just flat out more fun to watch. Middleton struggles to impress anyone out there as he is extremely unathletic looking and his style of play is even worse. He is boring, weird, and even a bit ugly to be honest. With all that being said, he is a much better shooter than Jabari at this point in his career and he does have a bit of that clutch gene that no one else on the Bucks seems to have.

Middleton is averaging 13.6 points in his career but was all the way up to 18.2 ppg last year. While he was boring and hard to watch at times, he did get the job done and was the focal point of the team last year. Jabari is averaging 15.8 throughout his career thus far. And he also has the fast paced, exciting to watch style of basketball that seems to bode well with the Bucks style as a team.

The worst part about all of this is that we even have to have this conversation. Jabari was out for a year, and then he came back and Middleton immediately got hurt. The day Middleton came back, Jabari was out again with another serious injury. I wish, just for one full season, we could watch all three of their stars together. I honestly think that they could make a good run in the playoffs with a healthy team.

Injuries play a part in every single team, so I will not use this as an excuse. My fellow blog partner and our Badger writer, Phil was pretty upset when his Fantasy Football team ran into injuries this past year and kept blaming his playoff loss to that. I don’t want that to be me, so I will try and stay positive and just accept the fact that injuries affect every team. If the Bucks want to make the playoffs, they are going to have to do it without Jabari. And the run needs to happen now, before it gets too late.

Sorry Phil.

To wrap things up, I leave you with one question. In the current state that Jabari is in, who would you take? Jabari or Middleton? Jabari may never come back healthy again! So this question is not quite as stupid as you may think.


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