Stay Away From Green Bay AP

There has been a lot of discussion on the World Wide Web about the possibility of the Packers signing free agent running back Adrian Peterson.  This article is being written to those of you that believe that is a good idea.  Know what else seems like a good idea, eating at Golden Coral.  Immediately after you shovel that last morsel of food into your mouth you typically run straight to the bathroom and immediately regret your decision to eat that ‘food’.

I am completely baffled that people believe this is something that A.) Is a good idea.  B.)  The Packers would even consider it.  I am going to explain to you all in some very specific categories as to why I know with 100% certainty that this would be a terrible idea.

Current Running Backs: I stated in an earlier post that I believe the Packers should re-sign Eddie Lacy, and if they can get him around 2 million dollars a season they absolutely will.  McCarthy went as far as stating that he was ‘A Core Offensive Player’ last week when interviewed at the combine.  On top of having Lacy hopefully re-signed they have also invested an entire offseason into the development of Ty Montgomery as a Running Back.  Assume they draft a 3rd RB at some point in the draft, and your running back position is set.  There is no room for AP, we already have the bodies in place.  How McCarthy chooses to use them remains to be seen, but we have the people in place.

AP’s Age: Adrian Peterson is 32 years old.  In the history of the NFL, the HISTORY of the NFL there have only been 4 running backs 32 years of age, or older to rush for 1,000 yards (Ricky Williams, Frank Gore, Emmitt Smith, and Mike Anderson).  I get that AP is a different type of dude, but so was Emmitt Smith, so was Marcus Allen, so was Thurman Thomas, etc, etc.  Running Backs age like milk.  They get old quickly.  Eddie Lacy is 27 years old, and hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year, so he should be somewhat fresh.

Overall Fit: The only reason the Packers are even being considered in this race is because AP said that he wants to play for a contending team with a good offensive line.  No one is discussing the actual fit for his style of play.  What are the two things that every Packers running back needs to be able to do?  1.) Protect Aaron Rodgers.  2.) Catch the ball out of the backfield.  Well here are a few stats for you…. According to Pro Football Focus, Peterson ranks 48th among running backs in pass-blocking efficiency in 2015.  Back in 2013, Peterson was one of 11 running backs to allow 10 or more quarterback disruptions.  I’m good on that shit.  The last thing we need is for 12 getting blindsided.  If you think I’m shitting you, take a look at these photos!  Pardon my language, but what in the fuck is he doing?!


Where He Should Go: Go to Houston, their offensive line isn’t bad.  Go to Dallas, sounds like the NFL is out to get Zeke on his domestic abuse charges.  Go back to Minnesota!  I personally believe that he will end up a New York Giant.  It makes the most sense.  They desperately need a RB, they have proven to spend money in free agency, and he would get 20+ carries a game there.  Frankly, I do not care where he goes.  Just stay away from Green Bay!

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