Gotta Keep Villar

The Brewers right now only have 3 long term contracts on the books.  Garza, who’s contract cannot end soon enough, Braun, who in all seriousness will likely be traded, and newly signed Eric Thames from the Korea league.  That being said the Brewers tried to extend that list by offering Villar a $20 million extension last week.

They didn’t release how long the extension was for but what I do know is we NEED to sign Villar. I hope this is just because he wanted more money and wanted to try and replicate his season last year and get paid more for it.  But there are other things surrounding Villar that concern me.  He has said before he wants to play short and with Arcia coming up he had to make the move to 3rd and now to 2nd.  Arcia is a potential gold glove shortstop so he is not moving.  If that is really the issue the Brewers need to figure out something to entice him to sign with us.  There were times last year that he was our only form of offense.  Yes I am aware of his errors and base running miscues but he did have 62 successful stolen bases.  SIXTY TWO!  Not to mention he also had a .369 OBP last year.  That is someone I want on the Brewers when we make our run.  If he cleans up a few things and continues to get in scoring position the guy is could be the best player on the team (that might be an aggressive statement…)

I might be making a fuss over nothing if it is really just a money issue.  We will see how he does at 2nd base this year (because 3rd was clearly not a long term option).  Maybe he will kill it at 2nd and put up the stats to warrant more money and sign a deal at the end of this year.  The good news is the Brewers have control over Villar’s until 2020 via arbitration but obviously it is better to get a deal done and not have to go through that every offseason.

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