In-Game Blog

Is it possible to write a blog about a game as it’s going on? I’m actually not to sure, but I sure as hell am going to try…

I actually just got home from work and turned it on and as I turned it on, Beasley (who had 11 early points and well on his way to a 20+ point game) was getting helped off the court after what looked like a hyper-extended knee. Perfect. After he got walked off the court, the 5 Bucks on court was as follows; Malcolm Brogdon, Jason Terry, John Henson, Rashad Vaughn and Mirza fucking Teletovic. Pardon my French, but dear god is that a bad line up. Mirzo (our HUGE off-season, sharp-shooting pickup) is actually one of the worst players I have ever seen play. He has these games where he makes like 3 threes but outside of that, you might as well throw Telly Hughes out there. Brogdon, I like, but when you surround him by the rest of those four, how can you expect him to succeed?

We are playing the defending champs, on their home turf! We need everything to go our way if we want a win. Kid Middleton is on rest and then Beasley gets helped off the court. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that we actually have a -19% of winning. The way I look at it, if they win I may look like a fool, but I don’t care because they win. And if they lose, I may seem like a know what I’m talking about.

Honestly, the weirdest part about all of this is that they are still in the game. They may go into half within striking distance of this thing. Also, Kyrie just hit another classic Kyrie shot. By the time this gets posted, you guys probably won’t remember that shot, but to be honest, this in-game blogging is much harder than I thought. I will probably call her quits at half to be honest.

Commercial Break… (Stupid Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial)

Brogdon is mic’d up! Love when players are mic’d up. Update on Beasley; Sprained knee.

As Tony Snell hits that three at the end of the half, I would like to get other people thoughts on Tony Snell if I could. He hit a pretty clutch three last night against the Suns but the game before that against the Jazz, he played 28 minutes and had 0 points, 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 steals and 0 blocks! He played 28 fucking minutes and didn’t mark the stat sheet once. How does that even happen?! I knew we weren’t getting a superstar when we acquired him from the Bulls and that he was actually more of a three and D guy, but for the love of god, mark the stat sheet once Tony.

What is with this half time thing with these guys in the locker room acting like they are playing against that Cavs. Very strange.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell if this In-Game blog was a success or not, and I am sure I will get some flack from my fellow Beyond the Bench Sports colleagues, but that is okay because I feel like I enjoyed it. The Bucks are down 52-50 at half, not as bad as I thought. Now lets see if we can somehow get this upset on the road and ride this game into the playoffs.





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