Badgers searching for some D

Bucky had been coming off losses in 3/4 games and were playing at a place we haven’t won at since 2004, yet somehow were favored by 3 points. Everyone including Vegas and myself saw this as an opportunity for a bounce back game for Wisconsin, as Michigan State has been decimated by injuries all season including losing one of their top scorers in Eron Harris within the last few weeks. All that being said, seemed like a game the Badgers should win correct? Well that sure as hell didn’t happen. Badgers allowed 84 points and lose by 10 at the Breslin for the 11th consecutive time.

Here is a couple of snap thoughts I had while watching the game:

  • Nigel Hayes is absolutely unstoppable when on the block. He either gets a lay-up, gets fouled and misses the free throws or creates an open 3 for a teammate. He and Happ have an incredible knack and skill around the hoop that can spark an offense that lacks an true scoring wing guard.
  • Why the hell doesn’t Nigel do that all that time? Is it really that important for you to prove you can play on the perimeter during the season? Get on the block and do what’s best for the TEAM, not what will potentially benefit you down the road.
  • Jordan Hill and Vitto Brown continue to steal money from the University of Wisconsin in the form of their scholarships
  • We aren’t making it out of the first weekend in the NCAA Tournament
  • Showy once again the spark plug for this team, 15 big points today and countless plays that will not show up on the score book (deflections, extra passes to create open shots, altering shots, great defense); can see him being a fan favorite at the Holy Cross Men’s Open for years to come.
  • At some point we just have to stop playing Khalil Iverson and Charlie Thomas if we’re going to run offense through the post; it’s an automatic double off of either of those two and about a -30% chance we score on those possessions.
  • Can we please stop having the guy guarding the ball screen, low hedge? This is 2017 and everyone playing basketball has the ability to make a 3, and it’s turning into a very high percentage shot for a lot players regardless of position. Essentially what this strategy is doing is forcing them to make 3’s versus giving up lay-ups or shots closer to the hoop. You would think we would consider high hedging or switching after Tyus Jones ripped our hearts out in the National Championship game.



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