Top 5 Packer Games…

We are in a bit of a dead time right now for the Green Bay Packers, and that I am sure will continue until about May when the Draft happens (Ted, c’mon bro!  Make some moves!).  It is my job to manufacture some topics to discuss, so I will share with you my top 5 Packer games since 1985(The year I was born).  Let’s just assume that I don’t remember any games for the first 7 years of my life or so, that takes us up to about 1992(Enter Brett Favre…), so that is where we will start!

5.) NFC Divisional Playoff Game @ San Francisco (1995 Season)

I remember this game well for some strange reason.  I remember my Dad being super excited because they hadn’t been to the NFC Championship game in like 30 years or so.  At that time the 49ers were also one of the two premier teams in the NFC at that time (Dallas).  The very first defense play of the game was a fumble forced by Wayne Simmons, and picked up by Craig Newsome and that propelled the Packers to a 21-0 lead.  This was the first taste of winning that I can remember as a Packer fan, thus it cracks the list at number 5.

4.) NFC Wild Card Playoff Game @ Arizona (2009 Season)

Strange that I would include a gut wrenching playoff loss on this list, but have you seen a more enjoyable playoff game since?  Yes I know the Packers lost 45-51 in this game.  Yes I know that Aaron Rodgers facemask was yanked on the final play of the game and no flag was thrown.  I don’t care. This was Aaron Rodgers first playoff game and all he did was 422 yards and 4 TD’s.  This was justification for me, and most other Packer fans that we (yea I own stock) made the right choice when we parted ways with Brett Favre.

3.) NFC Wild Card Playoff Game @ Lambeau vs. Seattle (2003 Season)

The Ol’ Frozen Boogers Game.  I call it that because Al Harris had frozen boogers in his mustache as he ran in the game winning interception.  This game came on the heels of a miraculous group of scenarios that even got the Packers into the playoffs (Google Nate Poole/Josh Mccown-Arizona Cardinals).  The Packers needed the Vikings to lose in week 17 and they did on an unbelievable throw and catch by the previously mentioned fellas.  Either way, this game will forever be remembered by Matt Hasselback saying ‘We want the ball, and we’re gonna score’ during the overtime coin flip.  This one was memorable because I cannot recall the Packers ever winning another playoff game in this type of fashion!

2.) NFC Divisional Playoff Game @ Lambeau vs. Seattle (2007 Season)

Who could forget the beautiful site that was Lambeau Field covered in a blizzard, in the playoffs!  The hair on my arms raise up as I type this!  They won big, Brett Favre was throwing snow balls at wide receivers, and at the time it allowed the Packers to host their second NFC Championship game since the Ice Bowl!  No one remembers that the Packers were down 14-0 in this game and came back to outscore the Seahawks 42-6 over the last 3 quarters.  Ryan Grant (What a name drop), ran for 201 yards (Packers playoff record), and 3 TD’s.  This choice is less about the game and more about the beautiful scenery that is Lambeau Field at night in a snow storm.  To this day I have yet to attend a more enjoyable football game in person.

1.) NFC Divisional Playoff Game @ Atlanta (2010 Season)

To this day I firmly believe that this is the single greatest performance that I have ever seen a Quarterback put on.  Aaron Rodgers 31-36 for 366 yards, and to top that off they never punted the football once.  This was Rodgers crowning moment, I know that may sound strange considering he won the Super Bowl 3 weeks later, but after watching this game I think that all Packer fans knew that the Super Bowl was inevitable.  My love for Aaron Rodgers may put this game far higher on the list than it needs to be, but man was that one hell of a football game!

There you have it, that is my list.  I could name probably 20 more(but I know some of my posts get a little length).  I also know neither Super Bowl was on there, but it is just assumed they are up there.  The sole purpose of this activity is to get the wheels moving inside your heads and think about all the positive games we have gotten to watch over the past 20+ years.  Comment and let me know what your top 5 looks like!  Enjoy this little ray of sunshine as the next list will be a Top 5 list of the most gut wrenching losses I can remember.  Until then, always remember GPG!


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