2016 Academy Awards(Packers Edition)

I will start this off by letting you each know that I am absolutely clueless when it comes to the Academy Awards.  Frankly, I don’t even know what they are, what they judge on, or what kind of movies get awards.  I know they are coming up because our Brewers Blogger (Jonny Schlinder) is obsessed with them so I have been hearing about them for weeks.  I am a huge fan of Dumb and Dumber, Blue Chips, and King Pin(God was Woody Harrelson awesome in that movie.  Love Roy Munson).  With that said, here are your recipients of the Academy Awards for your Green Bay Packers

Actor In A Leading Role- Surprise, surprise.  I went with The GOAT himself, Mr. Rodgers.  He is the unequivocal leader of this football team, and without him they would have been toast.  His ‘Run The Table’ candor spurred this team on a run like we have never seen before.  There are a lot of moments we can point to, but I will point to his performance in the game In Philly on MNF.  It started the run, and was the exact spark this team desperately needed..  I am still drying my TV off from all the drool Jon Gruden left on him after that broadcast (side note-I LOVE Jon Gruden)

Actor In A Supporting Role-There were a lot of deserving nominees, but I am giving this one to Ty Montgomery.  Let’s just discuss this for a second.  The guy was a backups, backup as a WR, then sprains his ankle in 2015.  He is sidelined for like 92 weeks with that ‘sprained ankle’ and then comes back this year only to be a backup WR until we ran out of RB’s and then he goes in and leads the team in rushing, and had multiple games with 10 plus catches out of the backfield?!  I don’t know if he is a sustainable option moving into 2017, but damn was he the shot in the arm that the Packers needed in 2016.  Well done Ty!

Costume Design- I am a huge fan of the Color Rush.  I will never apologize for that.  Has a Packers team ever looked ‘cleaner’ than when they went white on white at home that Thursday night against the Bears?!  The only thing that would have made it better would be throwback gray facemasks, but I loved that look.  Hope they do it again soon.

Makeup and Hairstyling-A lazy blogger would say Clay Matthews because it is easy.  I’m not lazy or easy ;).  The winner of this award is David Bakhtiari.  The long flowing black locks that he has are second to none in the NFL.  Oddly enough he also kind of looks like Aladdin (In a good way!).  Compile that with his terrific ability to protect The Franchise’s blindside and this guy is deserving of this fictitious award.

Short Film- This award goes to The NFC Championship Game.  It still is painful to discuss, but that thing was over before it started.  First we had the missed field goal, and then the Ripper fumbled.  Take those two plays and combine that with Julio pretending he was playing NFL Blitz and you have the makings of a very very short ‘film’ (or game)

Best Picture- The Divisional playoff game at Dallas is one of the more memorable victories that I can remember as a Packer fan.  To go on the road in the playoffs and win is challenging, to hit two 50+ yard field goals in the final 2 minutes is unheard of.  My everlasting memory of this game is Aaron’s unbelievable throw to Jared Cook, and his even more remarkable toe drag swag on the sidelines.  This was as good as it gets for us Packer fans.  Don’t dwell on that ass beating in Atlanta, remember that masterpiece in Dallas.  It will be our ‘Best Picture’, until next year when we are holding that trophy in Minneapolis.

There you have it.  I hope you guys enjoyed the awards.  I still don’t understand the Academy Awards, and that is cool.  I love the Packers, and it was just another excuse to remember all the good times in 2016!

GPG Boys!


One thought on “2016 Academy Awards(Packers Edition)

  1. One has to wonder, who would win for Best Director? I know the conventional wisdom is for Mike McCarthy. I would say he might be a nomination but not the winner. I’m going an ultimate dark horse in Ben Sirmans. The running backs coach did an unbelievable job in turning Ty Montgomery into a pretty decent RB. Don’t get me wrong he is no AP but he did exactly what we needed him to do after being literally without a running back after Lacy and Starks were out. I’m sure people are going to say that was McCarthy, bull honkey! McCarthy didn’t coach Ty how to run the ball and be patient and wait for holes to open up, that my friends was mister Sirmans. Great post Sean. Keep em coming!


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