All-Star Game Review

Do you remember the hardo that would give it his all in a pick-up game in gym class to impress the girls in class? Well… insert Giannis here. He was making the full court press great again and reminding everyone that defense wins All-Star games.

30 points on 14 of 17 shooting, 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block and 1 assist. Giannis played about as well as he could have possibly played during the All-Star game. So well that if the East would have won, he would have most likely been named the MVP. Not only because his stats were the best on his team, but also because of the show-time dunks that he was throwing down (RIP Steph). Also, lets not forget that there was a video of Giannis posterizing Steph on Twitter and Giannis somehow managed to retweet that very video in the middle of the third quarter (Again, part of the greatness of the NBA All-Star game).

While I was impressed with the way Giannis played, I will say that he was definitely giving it 110% compared to the 35% that everyone else was giving. I’m not sure if he actually knows any other gear other than 110%, so when everyone else on the court is playing for fun, Giannis is busy trying to pick pockets and murdering the MVP of the league in Steph Curry by putting him on a poster.

Even with him looking like a loser out there that was trying way too hard, I still enjoyed watching a Buck in the game. As pathetic as the game was as a whole, Giannis did not disappoint us Bucks fans. He put on quite a show in a game that the over under was 352.5 or something like that. It ended up being over by the way… The only one playing defense out there was Giannis.

Although this game has slowly come to be a disappointment because of the lack of D and the overwhelming amount of uncontested dunks, I still continue to watch it every year. And each year it gets worse. But you better believe that come next year, I will be on my couch watching it again. Especially since Giannis should be in every single All Star game for the rest of his career.

I am excited to watch the bucks play in the second half of the year. Between the three game win streak the ended the first half of the year on and the confidence that Giannis should have after his performance in the All Star game, they should be able to make a run at the playoffs this year. Enough of this not making the playoffs shit. I’ve had enough. Let’s go get it boys.


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