Ted, Listen To Me….Packers 2017 Free Agent Forecast.


We are right around 6 months until the players report back to St. Norbert’s for Training Camp, so if you read my last post we should be there in no time (That was a joke about how long it was.  Get it?  Shitty joke.)  The NFL off season for a Packer fan is relatively slow and quite frankly frustrating at times.  As an avid Madden player it seems far easier to sign free agents than Ted Thompson makes it look.  This off season is an intriguing one because there are so many contributing players from last season’s roster that are free agents.  I am going to do my best Ted Thompson impersonation and tell you who stays, who goes, and why.

Sam Shields: He has already been cut.  With that move it frees up an additional 9 million dollars towards the 2017 Salary Cap.  Will he be missed?  Absolutely!  He was missed last year!  With that said, he was out all of last season so it really isn’t as big of a loss as it could have been,

Julius Peppers: I know he is old, I know his production has declined, and I know that we can find better people than him out there, but man I want Julius Peppers to win a Super Bowl with the Packers.  Bring him back, and win this man a ring!

TJ Lang: It is obvious that Ted Thompson does not value the guard position (I.E-See Josh Sitton Saga).  TJ Lang is all that is good about the Green Bay Packers though.  The guy desperately wants to be a Packer, Rodgers loves him, and he would probably take less money to stay here.  I believe that they do re-sign him, but only at a price Teddy wants to pay.

Nick Perry: Kudos to Perry for playing on a one year deal and being very productive.  My fear is that there are probably 10 other teams that will value him far more than the Packers will.  He reminds me of an Erik Walden type.  He looks decent on really bad defenses.  Ted lets him walk.

James Starks: Gone already.  Thank god.  If I knew where he lived I would have sent the U-Haul over there for him.

Jared Cook: If they only re-sign one of the people on this list, this has to be the one.  It was clear that this offense began humming as soon as he was healthy.  Another year in the system and another year of play with 12 makes Jared Cook a legit Pro Bowl Tight End.  He MUST be re-signed immediately.

Datone Jones: There is something about ‘Da Tone Setta’ that I like.  He has molded himself from an interior lineman to a legit pass rusher.  I don’t think he is super valuable on the open market, and he does have a place on that defense.  Re-Sign him.

Brett Goode: You only hear a long snappers name when they fuck up.  He doesn’t do that.  Re-sign him.

Eddie Lacy: I have heard from different sites, and sports talk shows that ‘fair market value’ for Eddie lacy is 1 year 2 million dollars.  If that is the case, then I know for a fact that Ted will re-up with Edward.  Ted loves shopping in the bargain bin, and quite frankly the risk/reward on a deal like that just makes so much sense.  Bring him back for one more year!

Christine Michael: He was a cool story for like 3 games last year, but there is a reason that he has played for 3 teams in two seasons.  The guy has a ton of athleticism, but at this point if they do bring back Lacy, and are truly going to invest time in making Ty Montgomery a running back, what is the point in bringing a guy like him back?  Draft a RB in the 3rd-5th round and your backfield will be set.  Send him back to Seattle.

Don Barclay: It is clear that the 2016 Draft was designed to allow some of these linemen to walk.  I believe that they only keep one of the two (Between Barclay and Tretter).  Tretter is far more athletic and fits the up tempo pace that the Packers want to run.  They will re-sign Tretter and let Barclay walk.

JC Tretter: See above comments.  On a side note, I still cannot believe that JC Tretter played a full game at Left Tackle two years ago against Washington in the playoffs and was relatively suitable.  They should keep him based on that alone, that and the fact that he is an Ivy League guy that has forgotten more knowledge than I currently know.

Micah Hyde: Ted will not overpay for this guy.  Don’t believe me?  Google Casey Hayward.  I know that Hyde was the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of that defense, but was he really that good?  Or was he just an average player playing in an awful secondary?  If you get him at a decent price bring him back, otherwise I’m good.  He will walk. Don’t give me the ‘He’s a valuable special teams guy’ either.  I can find any bum off the street to fair catch every punt kicked to him.

There you have it.  If there is one thing I am positive about it is that I will be dead wrong.  Ted Thompson is the weirdest man on the planet, and it is impossible to predict what he is going to do.  I am sure he is currently sleeping in the atrium of Lucas Oil Stadium waiting for the doors to open for the combine so he can get ahead of his ‘Draft and Develop’ philosophy.  I will give him one more season….#TrustTed

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