Opening Day

As with most things, when it comes to Opening Day, the opinions and feelings towards it vary.  As far as I’m concerned Opening Day should be a National Holiday.  No one should have to work when America’s pastime hits the diamond for the first time in a season.  Having pitchers and catchers report yesterday sparked the annual question of what do you do on Opening Day?  A quick conversation at the office seems to reveal that some folks don’t really care one way or the other when the baseball season starts as opposed to any of the other 161 games in the year.   Some might even say there is nothing different about the first game versus the 22nd, 87th or the 131st game of the year.

I just cannot buy into that way of thinking.  I am a Brewers fan but I’m also a baseball fan; and as a baseball fan I love opening day.  There is nothing better than the first game of a season giving everyone a clean slate.  I don’t know who will reign as champ come October but it starts on day one.  I understand the brewers are not going to be the best team in baseball this year but the fact remains when they take the field for the first time it gets me jacked.  The second you park and step out of the car the air is filled with smell of grills firing and charcoal burning.  People are throwing baseballs, bags and horse shoes while hanging out with friends and family.  After the tailgate you walk into Miller Park and get a whiff of the fresh cut grass combined with cold beer and fresh brats.  Then when the Brewers take the field for the first time in 2017 you and 35,000 of your closest friends are there to welcome them back. The crowd on opening day is overwhelming and those who have not been should give it a try.  The atmosphere is contagious and is the most electrifying Miller Park will be until the playoffs (whenever that happens again).

Not to mention any excuse to take off of a work, grill out and celebrate what I see as the true start to summer is a glorious day by my standards.

My friends on this site have written off opening day and believe it means as much as shopping at a home depot on a Saturday.  I like to think not everyone thinks that way.  I understand not everyone is a baseball fan (no one is perfect I guess) and not everyone probably thinks Opening Day is a big deal.  That being said, I believe there are plenty who do and no matter what the rest of the world is doing on April 3rd we will be grilling out and rooting on the mighty Brew Crew.

One thought on “Opening Day

  1. “Take me out to the ball game.” This article brings right back to Miller Park on a warm spring day. I can almost taste the cold Miller Lites, and peanuts!

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