Badgers fall to Wolverines

Raise your hand if you thought the Badgers would go into the Crisler Center and beat Michigan without Bronson Koenig….

Alright now that we have all agreed on that let’s do a little recap on the game.

Tale of two halves offensively, first half Ethan Happ did whatever he wanted; which is exactly what happens if you are going to single cover him. 18 out of the 31 points the Badgers scored in the first half were courtesy of Happ, quite frankly he singled handedly kept us (Badger fans who claim to be part of the team) in the game. From there it was pretty much all UM, as I assume one of Coach Beilein’s assistants reminded him of the film they watched of the Northwestern/Wisconsin game and began doubling Ethan Happ. That forced Wisconsin to make perimeter shots which it was unable to do tonight. 3/16 from 3 is not going to get it done on the road, especially when majority of those shots were uncontested. Wisconsin out-rebounded Michigan, had 10 more possessions, was 9/9 from the line and only turned the ball over 10 times all game; all encompassing those are numbers that should notch a W but that was not to be the case tonight.

Couple things that jump to mind:

  • Showy continues to ball out defensively and be the spark plug for this team. Forced McIntosh to take 23 shots to get 25 points on Sunday, and holds Walton to 1-8 shooting for only 5 points tonight.
  • Vitto Brown-if he isn’t making 3’s or signing the national anthem, there isn’t a whole lot of good he is offering you when on the floor. 18 minutes, 0 points, 3 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 0 turnovers, 0 made field goals, 0 free throws attempted.
  • Can anyone explain why Jordan Hill plays over Brevin Pritzl? Unless both of Brevin’s ACL’s are torn he will provide more value to the team than Hill. Jordan has that unique ability to have the same effect on the game whether is on the floor or on the bench.

Maryland coming to the Kohl Center on Sunday has a much bigger feel now after tonight. Outside of the BIG Championship being on the line, we also are playing for a favorable seed in the NCAA tournament. Unless we want a 8 seed and play Kansas in the Second Round (don’t even come at me with this “3rd Round” BS), this is a game we need to win.



One thought on “Badgers fall to Wolverines

  1. Really great post fill1134. As more of casual fan of Badger basketball and not even close the knowledge of yourself as it pertains to college basketball my take would be this: I feel that the Badgers have NEVER been able to shoot. They seem to always struggle at the stripe and live and die my the three and it costs them big games. Just a take from a novice however.


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